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Scampers Natural Pet Store, Voted Best Pet Shop in the UK

Natural leaders
Scampers Natural Pet Superstore leads the way in natural pet food. We’re revolutionising how people feed their dogs and cats - providing quality, natural pet food, made with the best natural ingredients to nourish healthier, happier pets.

Our award-winning natural pet superstore has the UK’s largest and best selection of totally natural, Biologically Appropriate Real/Raw Food (BARF) and high meat content ranges.

Brands such as Acana, Alpha Spirit, Canagan, Country Hunter, Gentle, Green Acres, Lily’s Kitchen, McAdams, Meat Love, Markus Muhle, Natures Menu, NutrimentOrijen, Piccolo, Symply, Taste of the Wild  and Ziwi Peak bring massive health benefits to your dogs and cats. Improved behaviour, increased energy levels, alertness and appetite are just some of the many advantages of giving your pets a more natural diet. And they’ll go wild for it.

You are what you eat
And so are your pets. As part of Scampers’ ‘Where’s the meat?’ real pet food campaign, our easy to read, on-shelf ingredient panels cover all the products in store. We know most of our customers want to avoid added preservatives, fillers, colourants and derivatives, so we make it easy for you to spot them in your pets' food and treats too.

Well trained
As a family-owned pet shop for over 30 years we promise you unrivalled independent advice. The rigorous training programme for all our pet care advisors guarantees you the best, most knowledgeable service you’ll find in any natural pet store.

Taking the lead
We are an ethical pet retailer and always put the welfare of your animals first. We don’t believe pet shops should sell equipment such as choke chains or bird or small animal cages, and we’re happy to say you won’t find pets for sale at Scampers either. But you will find all the fun happy pets bring.

An old dog with new tricks
We’re established experts and through innovation, new pet care products and training we bring you the latest and best in pet thinking from around the world. As well as the largest and highest quality range of natural pet foods in the country, Scampers is brimming with the best pet accessories, medicines, training aids, toys, beds and treats. We’ve even got an in-store veterinary practice so your pets always get the right medical care too.  In fact, we sell everything for dogs, cats, garden birds, chickens and small animals.

Join the pack
When you need advice on any aspect of caring for your pets, think of us.

Whether it’s a pet behaviour problem, nutritional advice, training, dieting or simply making them happier, you and your pets are always welcome at Scampers.

Scampers, Your Pet’s Natural Choice.

Find us on the Soham bypass between Ely and Newmarket only 25 minutes from Cambridge, in the heart of East Anglia. Telephone 01353 720431

Scampers are looking for a part-time weekend assistant to join our award winning team.  For full details click here.

Proudly Supporting the Liam Fairhurst Foundation

Your Natural Pet's Choice
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